Tributes To Sidor Belarsky

Sidor in role of BORIS in the opera BORIS GODOUNOV

Letter From Elie Wiesel- "To Isabel: Thank you for allowing me to hear again the magnificent voice of the unique singer many of us still admire."

Albert Einstein (Asked who he wanted to sing a dinner in his honor) "Sidor Belarsky, of course."

Dr. Mary Benyamin Pugh, wife of the world renowned M.I.T. Scientist, George E, Pugh, Pioneer of Gravity Probe-B- "How the World revels in the afterglow of Sidor's magnificent voice, which elevates the spirit like the music of Mozart to the heights of divinity. No scientists, not even Einstein, could rival his uplifting impact on the moral and benevolent goals of mankind." The Mary about whom Sidor remarked: "Oh for the splendor of Mary's inspiring Beauty."

Itzhak Perlman, world-famous violinist- " I remember listening to him on the radio when I was very young in Israel. Listening to his tapes brings back so many memories and reinforces my feelings for how great he was."

David Mittelberg, Ph.D., Center for the Study of the Jewish People, OREN-the Department for World Jewry, Shdemot, Oranim - "You will recall that I noticed that Isabel Belarsky was present, at the meeting, and inquired if there is a relationship to the great singer Sidor Belarsky since my late father had taken me to hear him sing when I was a boy. Sidor Belarsky Signature, 1960 On my return home, I related this story to my wife Shoshana, who immediately said yes she too has heard the performance and note, we are referring to 1960 when Shoshana was 11, in Perth and we had of course never met. Moreover, Shoshana had taken an autograph of the maestro and yes we found her autograph book and a copy of the signature is attached. Please pass it on, with my very best wishes to Ms. Belarsky.

Loretta Di Franco, Soprano, Metropolitan Opera (retired)- "It gives me great pleasure to sing praises about my great teacher and friend, Sidor Belarsky. With his magnificent voice and great artistry, Sidor enriched my life by introducing me to the beauty of the Yiddish and Hebrew Art Songs. I enjoyed the many concerts we sang together. His voice lives on in my heart and in the hearts of all who have had the great pleasure to know him and hear this wonderful artist. Thank you, thank you, Sidor.

Masha Benya Matz -"Sidor Belarsky had a warm, velvety Basso with a specially beautiful timbre, excellent vocal technique and diction. He was a versatile singer with a repertoire ranging from opera to art and folk songs, as well as cantorial music. He also composed and wrote many of his piano arrangements. We made together the Yiddish record, "Amol is geven a mayse" ("Once Upon a time") produced by the Workmen's Circle and narrated by Josef Mlotek and accompanied by the pianist-composer, Vladimir Heifetz. Belarsky's daughter, Isabel, reproduced this LP, as well as most of her father's recordings on cassettes and CDs. She should be highly commended for keeping her father's legacy and memory alive."

Cantor Samuel Rosenbaum (former President of the Cantors Assembly)- "Sidor Belarsky was the singer who taught American Jews to understand the unique Yiddishkeit of the songs of the Jews of Eastern Europe. On the concert and opera stage he was an elegant and moving singer of unquestioned musicianship and authority."

Hazzan Eric M. Snyder, Executive Administrator, Cantors Assembly- "Dear Isabel, your father was a giant in the history of Jewish Music, and the Yiddish art song specifically. I vividly remember studying his recordings while I was in Cantorial School, listening to every note, every vocal nuance, and feeling in awe of his talent. he was blessed with a gift and we are all fortunate that he chose to share that gift with all of us. No one has ever come forth to take his place and I am sure no one ever will be able to fill his shoes. We are grateful to you for your continued support of the sacred work of the Cantors Assembly. May we be blessed to have you to keep the memory of Sidor Belarsky alive in our hearts for many years to come."

Chana Mlotek, Music Archivist, Yivo Institute For Jewish Research- "Sidor was a musical phenomenon unto himself. He was one of the few to give utterance to art songs like H. Leivick's, "A Shtickl Papir", Sholom Secunda's "Eybik", Leivick-Lazar Weiner's "Ergets Vayt," M. Milner's "In Kheyder", "A Din-Toyre Mit Got", and other staples of the concert repertoire."

David Damashek- "Dearest Isabel, your gift of six albums of Sidor Belarsky's Music enriched my life. I thank you for the joy it has brought me down through the years."

Dr. Morton Gold, writer-"On listening to the recordings by the late Sidor Belarsky one is struck by the artistry and the natural, almost disarming expression of his interpretations. His lyric bass, seamless in all registers, was always used in the service of the text as well as the music. He was the ideal servant of music and his recordings ought to be required listening for all who aspire to sing. There are no shtick, no phony or contrived mannerisms, only a seemingly endless flow of melody with flawless diction. He exemplified the kind of art that was always there but did not call attention to itself. He was a singer's singer and that is the greatest compliment one can give."

Mina Bern Bonus, Actress- "With pride and respect I remember Sidor Belarsky, the greatest singer and a dear friend."

Robert Sherman, Senior Consultant, WQXR Radio,- "For many years now, I have been proud to use Sidor Belarsky's Recordings on my various broadcasts. His resonant voice and deep interpretive honesty still shone forth from these vintage tapes and LPs. I also salute the tireless work of Isabel-- Sidor's beloved "Belatchka"-- in preserving and enhancing the Belarsky legacy. It is of high importance that we remember, and continue to honor, such a unique artist."

Daniel Barenboim, pianist and the Conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra - "Sidor Belarsky was one of the first people I met when I came to America in 1957. He was a very good friend of my uncle and I loved to talk to him privately but, especially of course, to hear him sing."

Maestro Julius Rudel, Conductor of the New York City Opera (1944-1979) - "I recall with pleasure the deep voice and bright personality of Sidor Blearsky who was one of the very first singers to step on the stage at the very first performance of the New York City Opera in February of 1944."

Gary Graffman, pianist and President of The Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, PA - "Dear Isabel, it was such a pleasure to hear your father sing and I can still recall the wonderful, deep, rich sound of his voice."

Rabbi Emanual Rackman-"With all my love and feeling for a great daughter of a great father."

Isabel's Tribute To a "Special Person", Lou Appleman of Fairlawn, N. J. ( Belarsky's Mailman in Washington Heights ) - "He has always remained in touch with me for all these years, a most unusual and loyal friend, who honored my parents' graveside in Cedar Park, N.J., each year. I treasure his friendship." -Isabel Belarsky.